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OH2FHJ 11M 5/8 antenna only

Kirkkonummi, Finland | Loc: KP20gc, ASL: 40 m





the setup
the sdr dongle is connectet to a 5/8 cb antenna so the 10/11 meters shuld work fine, but dont hold your breth whith other bands, the antenna feedpoint is abaut 40m from the sealevel, I disconnect the antenna connector when there is a risk for tunder, because the site is with non teki peple i might no be able to close the service. you might be lizening on a piece off coax, the B reseiver has a tuned LC matcinh network for 20m and works only resenable inside 20m ham band, its also connected to the 11m cb antenna. feel free to try the receiver outside 20m band but dont exep wunders yuo can chek the build off this thing on youtube
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